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What have I to show except

...promises I never kept

25 December 1986
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  • britters is love
My name is Brittney. Most people call me Britters or BG. Call me whatever you'd like. Im 20 years young, and I'm a full blooded capricorn. I'm in love. He's my world. Seventhirtyoneohfive ♥ I have a best friend; her name is sha, or lionface. I have lots of other best friends who complete me. I'm finding the more I grow up the less I keep in touch with these people. It makes me sad, but I've also realized its a pointless battle. Life goes on whether your ready or not. Im quite pessimistic and cynical. And in some cases, judgmental. But moreso on character not physical appearence. I try to be honest, my past hasn't always been that way, but hey you live and learn. Im the type of person that has no problem admitting their wrong and saying sorry, however if I know I didn't do something or I don't feel the need to apologize, I'll take it to my grave. Guess that leads me to say, I'm stubborn as all hell. Im pretty much set in my ways as far as religion, politics, and other preferences. Theres really no room for discussion. Im an egyptian wiccan who in social terms could be looked at as agnostic. Im liberal. Im anti-pretty much everything violent. And pro-anything fair and in justice. One of my favorite debates and a very close to home subject is gay marriage, or gay in general. If you ever have something not-so-nice to say about it dont ever speak of it in front of me. Ive even chewed out my mother-in-law about her ignorance. Ignorance is my ultimate hate. If you believe in things like "God made adam and eve not adam and steve" stop readin, and exit my page. Kthnx. Furthermore if you even TRY to convince me there is an invisble man in the sky who will send me to hell cause I don't believe in "religion" please, don't waste your time. Religion was born to create a way to control primitive people, and its evolved into this massive bullshit story that I refuse to be a part of. So spare me the lectures, and move on to less stubborn victims ;) Some of you may recognize my attitude as mirroring that of comedian George Carlin. Well congrats, you got it! He's my absolute hero and idol and I worship him. I love stand up comics, and I really have an amazing amount of respect for most of them. (minus minority comics that stand up there for an hour bashing white people...ie: chris rock and carlos mancia...we get it, we're a dorky power hungry race, i dont want to hear about it for 60 minutes). Regardless of my angry/negative persona, I really am all for peace and harmony. It sounds lame, but I really do love everyone, unless they give me reason to not. I truly believe in living by the words; live, laugh, love. Speaking of love, I am obsessed with animals. Every single kind too. I have 10 pets. A sun conure, a bearded dragon, a cat, a betta, 2 plecos, 2 oscars, and 2 parrot cichlids. I work at petsmart as a lead pet care associate. I love my job and my co workers, and its basically my life. When Im not working Im usually home reading, writing, surfing the net, or playing video games. I love final fantasy. Period the end. If I'm not home I am usually at the mall, not because im a mall rat but I like being around people and watching human interaction. Always been a fan of psychology. I love stuffed animals, and disney. I am obsessed with hippie vans. Music and art is my life. Musicals make me whole. And photography is my escape. I have a guitar and im learning how to play it, and I would die without my shiny red strat fender. Unicorns, wolves, tigers, dragons, and swords are among my favorite things. I have a pink razr phone thats my love. I hope to own my own shop someday called "britters critters" and I hope to live in NH. Im a movie buff. I love the color green. Im obsessed with applebees. Taking Back Sunday and The Spill Canvas are my favorite bands. I collect pokemon cards, ff figures, and TY beanie babies. Cause thats how I roll bitches ♥